About Romantic Relationship

All people in the world must need to love and to be loved whether within families, friends or lovers. When love emerges between two people (man and woman) it might lead into romantic relationship. In every relationship, it is probably inevitable for couples to deal with both agreeable and disagreeable situations. It basically depends on each person whether they could stand up for any hindrances or not.

When we are talking about relationship, couple who has strong base relationship might not find difficulties to overcome many barriers. Commitment could become a strength that will always bind each other. Although making a commitment need a bravery between the lovers, it can really be a strong foundation to build a strong relationship. Love is not just about sharing affection. It is deeper than that. Love needs faith. As long as they keep faithful upon each other and keep faithful on their early commitment, any problems should not become a big deal. God makes human in pairs, so there must be a man / woman which must together in rest of their life. We always call it by a soul mate. So, the strong foundation to make a good romantic relationship is also because of God’s will.

There will always be some risks which can destroy a romantic relationship. Affair is the top rank of relationship destroyers. when trust is gone, the more likely happen is affair. When one partner does not earn love or feel of being loved they deserve, they will probably find another who can fulfill it. Then, if they can not solve this, most unpleasant decision will take place, which is set apart. In other case, our families need to know the man / woman we choose to be our spouses. They also have the role to choose the right man / woman for us. It can be the only problem that can stop our relation with our boyfriend / girlfriend.

When we are talking about romantic relationship or love, sometimes we find several symbols which  identify a relationship as a romantic relationship. For example, we can give a gift. We can bring a present for her / him to represent our deep feeling with him / her. Next, is about sex, especially for marriage couples. Another romantic symbol of love is a kiss. We don’t need to give a French kiss or some dirty kisses. A kiss in a head is better to show our true feeling to him / her. And it is not always end with sex.  Surprise anniversary, candle light dinner and rose can be a beautiful symbol of love which can tighten our relationship with our partners.

In every relationship we have dreams especially for romantic relationship. It can be about marriage or about future plan. Almost couples all over the world have the willingness to marry. They will think about honeymoon and having babies so that they can share love to them. After marriage, they will focus on their future life. So, they certainly make the best future plan for their new little family.

Every man / woman has their own romantic relationship which is the most important aspects in life and it will enrich our value of life.

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for 3 days at present and i should say i am sticking to like your spot. and now i think If he’s active, he’ll draw eye touch. If he smilings that’s a green light for you say “hi”. If he’s reckoning at his shoes when he draws you or if he all of a sudden starts counting at his catch or what he’s containing in his workforce then he’s not the one for you. When he or she smiles at you, he says hi and you really dont speak to him, he stares at you. If he recognise you he tickles you alot, he clashes his hand against yours, sometimes a boy can be mean and pick on you alot. The virtually explosive reaction might be the best to figure out real matters about that soul. Spontaneousity isn’t deluding. Try to scare that person, or just take him by surprise and see what happens.

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